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we never thought we had enough of what. shard bound by some dirty order.

The shard/ crystal/ beam of pure ideas, and beginning.

This is what I would refer to as the polycarbonate symbol of the threads of life all bound in some controlled dirty order. The shard exists in a space unto itself being the only light source of the room. A beacon or focus out of the darkness the “shard” exists on a determined platform separated from the floor that we stand. There is a path in which the crystal like shape follows with seemingly profound sounds of tension and stress. The sounds happen in no particular pattern more so from the rubbing of the polycarbonates reverberating through the larger base. Deep earthlike understood tones that set a mood of time and strength. As one begins to look at the slowly moving “crystal” one recognizes a predetermined path set into the clear plastic table, which houses the mechanics of the piece.

            The crystal like shard shape that moves overtop the mechanics begin a dialogue between the lights beneath, (pattern of LEDs, determined set of ordered inscription patterning brail) in order to relay information up through the laminated bars of polycarbonate. The shard becomes a shifting gold and pure white color, a symbol of progress …something yet to be revealed. 

The motor symbolizes time/ unending dodging constant.

The idea of progression learned though saying what can’t be seen and seeing a confusing pattern. In this sense I have chosen to use brail as a design production for the patterning of the led’s to be projected through the shard. “ We thought we never had enough of what…” This projected inscription of light all is bound in the outline of a gold feather of flight. This is where the shard picks up the gold moving color.


            The vulnerable gold color that bleeds through, acts as a symbol of the bloodline in which the feather grows.  The idea of a feather engorged with blood : the pure blood of a child / growth, a path in which is understood and controlled by much more. This bloodline/path of growth acts as an overall motif, practice between what is understood through meaning and what exists instinctively a considered solution.

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