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the hair fiber reveals more and more to me; after all i do not learn from that in which i am given immediately 120 min.

Spirit growth

Shape of the hair lightening the load / allowing the water to evaporate

Hair style/ determining class

The hair reveals more and more to me as I discover both the ways to document it

In its growth and in its moving state while drying. : taking the shape that it is originally.

One can force the hair to do wild and path changing things but can never completely change what one was born with. The hair will return to its original shape. Interesting things that also happen with the stunting of growth and that of the changing of color.


While researching documentation techniques , I stumbled on the stereoscopic methods used in recording info. From our sun. As a  message or sign the sun can resemble the head in many ways. The source in which others react when a decision is made. A focus 

Of individuality. Only one of its kind. A warm mass of electrical energy.  

So how do I 

Make clear the point in which I reveal what is to be seen and observed as if the drying of my hair in relation to the growing of a cotyledon. Maybe that is it, directly slow the 

Process even more as to never really observe this action in one sitting. After all, I do not learn from that in which I am given immediately, I must return and squint and ponder and research and make hypotheses and test and fail disastrously over and over before I learn what was there all along. So this is my attempt to slow the critical eye of one who may seek the revealed only through an unending curiosity through self awareness. 

The hair .

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