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Flipping one over a bush 

What did it mean, to me , to define something as invisible?    ( The brain has structures pathways and direction to understand.)

There is a construct present to ponder and at the same exact moment the mind debates all of what currently does or does not exist by means of trying to understand that nature.

As I have understood and talked about this work in the past/ all stay true about a split second that the work is complete.

The moment between, anticipation and mechanisms designed for change to exist and the confusion that tags along. Listen, hear your body, be still what is happening here, what was happening there, what is there, what's there.

Most of the elements still exist as they did then physically as they did 22 years ago however the way I construct the thinking around the work today seems much slower in response. I feel when I was younger, I ran almost intuitively on instinct, while always there was a running critical thinking eye, then it seemed as if  I would pause much further through the practice of making.

Today I take a look at it. I  respect the work then and its life now. Methodically I break the work down further into categories. It has been interesting revisiting this work and deconstructing its parts. While most of the parts seem the same everything has been reconsidered. The pathway, the manipulated living elements, and the  sandwich making second; questions left for open conversation.  Listen to me reflect on the life of this work.

Bennington Museum

Flipping one over a bush

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