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greatest american hero 

My work commonly has an aspect of performance / The foundation/ residue, for this work, resides within the armatures/ mechanics of the fabricated.  The body embeds inseparable content within this residue that informs notions of fatigue, power, vulnerability, hierarchy and lack thereof…


 When this was designed originally I was playing with the idea of manipulation of the body by means of combustible engines and motors.  These vehicles of transportation and industry were the catalyst for what seemed to be one-liners.

  There was a television show in the 80’s in which I ripped the title from " The Greatest American Hero" The show was based on a character that was granted super human power from "aliens."  I wanted to build a work that posed this power as a question in space. A snapshot of how super human qualities need guidance and practice in order to qualify themselves as an acting supportive role to others. The character in this work represents the " manipulated " performer being controlled directly by an automobile simulating an unaware motoring down a highway.  

During the performance a vehicle's wheels are chocked with the exception of the freewheel one driving the mechanism. I get pinned into the very top of the mechanism at my wrists and ankles while the speed of the vehicle drives my arms and legs in frantic flying like actions. 

The automobile plays just as an important role /as does the outfit that I wear, as well as the location, objects in that environment and the direction of flight. To me this work can represent the tensions with-in a relationship between Puppeteer, the control and the Puppet.

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