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typosyllis antoni


an organism/ fabrication having the ability of expanding and contracting within a space. Also
the amazing regeneration abilities allows for part expansion and disconnection. This sculpture
highlights a feeding tank in which feeds the feeding tank and a body of the worm.
The body of the organism is made up of 23 sections, responding closely to a loose projected
idea of chromosomes within a human. Grouped parts of these sections (individual closed off parts
of the body, “tanks” ) exist in response also to the anatomy of the worm. Pharynx, pharyngeal
tooth, proventricle, ventricle and the caeca. The alimentary canal is the consistent path that runs
through all sections.
Air pressure is to nourishment as is air is to food. The replacement of the organic becomes a
metaphor for that in which we know in a contemporary setting. Immediate controlled fountain
soda delivered without hesitation. Acceptance.
Here: the version of Typosyllis antoni that gets expressed is that of a voice, a moment of
reflection, exposure.
As we may be the dissectors, observers, reactors who decide our role in participation. Our
position allows for the walls of the gallery to exist as a split tray where a specimen is pinned open
for viewing.


additional detail installation shots

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