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Gala ball is a fiberglass and lacquer painted container that splits apart in 3 pieces. There is a right and left hemisphere in addition with a center cone that houses a ticking clock. Both of the halves contain 2 separate sculptures that have an embedded functionality within their design.

SoSo is a device that you place on your hand that allows you to play the game of balancing a stainless steel bearing back and forth along a track. The idea here, without thinking, the performer finds themselves practicing the "perfect hand gesture" of dodging a conversation with a slang sign language of "same old same old."

Sharpie is pantyhose mechanism that you pull over your head, as if you are about to commit a crime and need to disguise your facial features, in which once it is correctly aligned the idea is completed in two forms. When the mouth is open, as to say something, the eye closes. When the mouth is closed the eye then opens, allowing you to see clearly though the pyrex glass dome. 

Snot Tank is a device, much like a flask ,that slides neatly into a back pocket or chest pocket. It is meant to be used for blowing each nostril into, acting as a container of mucus.  The idea here is that you carry around your history in mucus form.( memory of place trapped though smell )

Scratch is a device that you slip your hand down into , much like a small rigid catchers mitt, and when you animate your index finger the mechanism moves the cast of a finger on the other side. The moving cast finger, provocative in the way it looks moves back and forth up and down on the cast of the side of someones head, takes on the reaction that one might perform on themselves when they might be at a loss for words. (head scratch, pondering a question ) The idea behind it the objects form is thought to exist as a gift, and orientated in the direction of the observer of the performer. Much like the old practice of orienting a wedding ring in the direction of the curious observer.

The original thinking behind this work was that this object existed in form similar to a Nut, housing the fruit/ and hinting to time, but also a spherical piece of luggage that one could kick down the street.

The structure of the sphere , to be complete, need both hemispheres, the cone clock and a rubber fitting lock in order for it to hold its closed form.  When it is closed, the undulations in the surface of the sphere fit a persons face as it presses their eye up against a viewing point. The viewer's hand reaches around the back of the sphere to depress button that illuminates the ticking clock within.


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