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silk is to body as gold is to blood
silk is meticulously constructed web of trilobal fibers. when light hits the triangulation of a singular
fiber it reflects back in a direct path giving a high sheen appearance
the examination of silk became gold one three silk. a highlight of something overseen, something
precious. of value. commodity.
the triangulated acrylic rotates by a synchronous motor which is directly related to the small hand
of a clock. the motor assures that the acrylic makes one full rotation every minute. the gold exists
constantly. a continuous rotation and reminder of the passing of time. dead quiet.
one gold gilded side of the acrylic represents light and life in a blood line. blood is a life line that
carries nutrients and oxygen around your body but is rarely seen. gold one three silk is an
examination of that commodity.
gold represents lineage, a physical idea about blood flow within a family. different traits creating
new combinations, which are fragile, honest, uncontrollable, transparent.
it is visible as the gold comes into view.
you look, you don't see, but you see
feeling the weight of sight
recognizing the weight of the light.

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